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Frequently Asked Questions..

Although each of our clients is unique in many ways, there are common concerns expressed by family members and our clients. The comments below are intended to address some of these common concerns.


How do I apply for in-home health care? The professionals at American Home Health Care Experts will help you complete the necessary applications and financial arrangements in the comfort of your own home. At AHHCE you will always talk to a person not a voice messenger! To arrange for an appointment, simply call 614-891-7761 or email us.

Is it more expensive to have in-home health care? No. Although the cost of in-home health care varies with each individual, It isn't more expensive to enjoy in-home health care. In fact, frequently in-home health care is less expensive than long-term facility care.

Is there financial assistance for in-home health care? Yes. Many insurance companies are willing to help supplement the cost of in-home health care because they realize that in-home care is frequently less expensive than long-term facility care.

How do you know when to seek in-home health care? This depends on the individual; however, the best determiner of the type and extent of help needed is when safety and completion of daily tasks become an issue. When personal safety and peace-of-mind are threatened, then it is time to seek help for you or your loved ones.

Is it possible to have in-home care for short periods? Yes. American Home Health Care Experts will provide long or short-term care based upon the client needs.

Who can I check with to ensure that AHCCE is reputable? AACHE is approved by several accrediting agencies including the State of Ohio and The Joint Commission . Joint Commission accreditation and certification is recognized nationwide as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards

Will Medicare pay for in-home health care? According to the Medicare Database on the government website, currently, in Ohio, Medicare will pay 100% of your in-home care if the following conditions are met:

  1. 1. Your doctor decides you need medical care in your home, and makes a plan for your care at home, and

  2. 2. You need at least one of the following: intermittent (and not full time) skilled nursing care, or physical therapy or speech language pathology services, or a continued need for occupational therapy, and

  3. 3. You are homebound. This means you are normally unable to leave home and that leaving home is a major effort. When you leave home, it must be infrequent, for a short time. You may attend religious services. You may leave the house to get medical treatment, including therapeutic or psychosocial care. You can also get care in an adult day-care program that is licensed or certified by a state or accredited to furnish adult day care services in a state, and

  4. 4. The home health agency caring for you must be approved by the Medicare program.

For more information about Ohio's medicare options, call the State of Ohio RHHI -- Regional Home Health Intermediary: 1-800-633-4227; 1-800-MEDICARE or visit our Important Information section.


Our clients tell us...

I fell down the steps and broke several ribs. I was in terrible pain and even the tiniest chore was difficult. I didn't want to depend on friends and family to help me through this rough time, so I contacted American Home Health Care Experts. They provided me short-term care until I was able to get back on my feet. I keep their address and phone number right next to my phone. If I need them, I know they will be there for me.