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nurse at door

Let us hold your hand...

We know that it can be overwhelming when you begin to search for home health care for yourself or a loved one. You wonder, "Who can I trust?... What will it cost?... and a million other questions. That's exactly why we developed our exclusive Let Us Hold Your Hand approach to hassle free home health care. Let our friendly staff of professionals answer your questions and provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have made a good choice.

The links below will help, but there is nothing easier than calling us. We know your worries; we know your fears; and, we know your needs. We will Hold Your Hand throughout the this difficult process, and best of all, our personal, confidential analysis is Free.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to such questions as:

Clients tell us...

When you first realize that you need help so that you can stay in your home, it's frightening. You feel frustrated and disappointed that you can't do the things you used to do for yourself. I didn't want to worry my kids or become a burden to them, so I began the difficult process of finding help. I talked to several different agencies, and they weren't very helpful. Most did not follow-up. Only American Home Health Care Experts did what they said they would do. They held my hand throughout the entire process. It was a relief for me and my family to know I could stay in my home surrounded by memories of good times with loved ones.