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Resources to guide your decision about in-home health care...

Click here to get a digital copy of the "Medicare and You" booklet published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Click here to get a copy of the U.S. government's Social Security booklet that describes the benefit connections between social security and medicare.

Home Health Care Services: Provides a list of Home Care Providers from the national Medicare website. This website contains useful information about a number of issues related to the needs of senior citizens. It also includes information on medicare, social security, important health information, and new government regulations regarding in-home health care and major illnesses.

Official US Government website for Medicare: This site provides direct links to all the official medicare information published by the US government. Links to additional resources are also available from this website.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services: US federal agency which administers Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children's Health Insurance Program. Provides information for health professionals, regional governments, and consumers. is an interactive Medicare portal containing personalized information regarding Claims, Plans and Coverage, Benefits and Entitlements, Preventive Medical options and more. The website is a free, secure online service for accessing personalized information regarding your Medicare benefits and services.

Our clients tell us...

I live alone and have no relatives nearby. A month ago, I had to have knee surgery and couldn't drive or get around the house without assistance. I didn't want to impose on friends and neighbors, so I called American Home Health Care Experts, and they sent someone to my home to help me. After six weeks, I was able to drive and take care of myself again, but it was wonderful to have someone there while I needed them.